What is this space?

It’s a few minutes since I opened this account and it’s the perfect time to write about why I made this in the first place. This space is more for me than it is for you, but hopefully my writings will help you in some way. This will be my space to write in when I need peace in my mind, body and soul whether emotionally, physically or spiritually. It might be to vent out emotional feelings, frustrations and worries but it can, and will also be a place to acknowledge the beauty of the world and God’s love. 

I am a person that tries to see the good in people each and every day. I try my best to always have positive thoughts. I know that this is what God would want us to do.Today I went to church and one of the readings mentioned that God does not want us to worry; worry about what to eat, wear or worry about tomorrow. He wants us to trust in Him because He will provide. I dedicate this space for self-realization, healing, growth and development of my love to the Lord. 

“Commitment to Christ is a daily calling.”


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